Integrated Network Systems, Ltd
INS is comprised of experienced technicians who are ready to work with your office needs to provide cost effective solutions.

Integrated Network Systems, Ltd was founded in 2001 and has developed a great reputation in quality of service.

We employ a diverse staff of technicians, programmers, installers and contractors to provide full service and support.

We take care of every need from hardware to software and training, communications cabling, email and web filtering services, backup systems, user auditing, network security, video surveillance, audio surveillance, conferencing systems, multi user collaboration systems, and much more.

  INS computers

 Over 10 Years in Business
 Certified Professional Staff
 Fast and Efficient Support

Mission Statement
Our goal is to be your all-in-one technology support center providing the most cost-effective and reliable services available today.

Our mission is to enhance business productivity by offering a full spectrum of technologies, giving our clients one company for products, service and support.

Efficient and Productive Businesses
The key to an efficient and productive business is to proactively build technology into its infrastructure. Integrated Network Systems provides a wide range of services and solutions that help business productivity.

Through proper planning, we can help to develop computer solutions that will serve our customers for the “long haul.”  This results in net savings and provides each client the ability to concentrate on the growth of their business.

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